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Our community is focused on driving individual and societal growth through the use of coordinated team efforts that will unlock the ability for you to achieve success and expand your influence throughout the world.


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Our world is narrative-driven. That means in order to achieve consensus on what the future should hold, we must cultivate a logical, credible, and emotional narrative.
Logos, pathos, and ethos.


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To achieve success, your must act in a coordinated manner with the goal of spreading knowledge. Don't let your thoughts wander to how to make money, focus on how you can add value to people and the money will come.


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Support a team that is striving to spread value to people across the globe and improve society. Wear your unique clothes, accessories, or other gear to represent the values that you stand for.



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The Story

Roots of Evil- Leaning Finance for Beginners 

After 9/11 was a time of economic boom within the nation and the world. Most families had high-paying jobs or small businesses that could afford their family's needs and wants. 

All of that swiftly changed during the economic and housing crisis of 2007-2010. The economic and monetary flows of the worldwide economy abruptly came to a stop. Like millions of families, my parents lost their jobs, our house was foreclosed on, my mom was in nursing school while working and money was suddenly extremely hard to come by. That began my investigation into why BILLIONS of people across the globe were in poverty, yet nobody was held accountable.

Large corporations were bailed out and the average citizen was left to struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. I'm happy, yet distraught to tell you that I've found the answer to my question. Now it's time to share it. It's time to join our community of finance people and begin to learn with history lessons, community creation, free crypto courses, and more.

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